Providing timely, accurate payroll has been our endeavor at Bizprout. Employee compensation requirements are diverse, and they seem to change overnight. Your employees expect the best in accuracy and ease-of-use, and why shouldn't they? You can relish our best-in-class payroll solutions that ensure that your employees' payroll service needs are met on time, every time.

It is the ideal solution for any size and type of business and ensures that your business is kept up-to-date and complies with the latest legislative requirements. Meeting your Compliance obligations every month takes considerable time and know-how. Our dedicated focus and specialist expertise is the reason why more businesses choose us as their preferred payroll partner.

Our flexible, web enabled payroll self-service models cover the broad spectrum of payroll needs, ensuring a smooth payroll process from start to finish. Our multiple payroll solutions offer you choices for payroll outsourcing administration and implementation, each designed to meet the evolving requirements of today's employers.

Compensation & Benefits

  • Payroll Calculations
  • Salary Structuring
  • Income Tax, Provident Fund, Professional Tax, Employee State Insurance, Bonus and Labour
  • Welfare Funds
  • Reimbursements and Flexible Benefit Plan
  • Administration
  • Tax and Labour Law Workshops
  • Onsite Query Handling - Helpdesk
  • Web-based reports e-PACC®
  • Payslip View® (self service) software for workmen in factories
  • Ledger and Cost to Company Reconciliation
  • Online Employee Satisfaction Survey
  • Employee Data Administration

Labour Law Compliance

Have you ensured compliance with all Labour Laws for your company? There are more than 15 Labour related acts a company has to comply with, most of them on a periodic basis. Many of these acts make the CEO, Director or the Head of the - establishment directly accountable for noncompliance. Subscribe to our Labour Law Compliance Module today!!

  • Audit and Risk Assessment under various Labour Laws
  • Maintaining Registers, filing returns under all applicable labour laws
  • Recurring audit and Risk Assessment
  • Labour Laws Compliance Calender
  • Updates on changes in Labour Laws
  • Pan India Coverage