ACL Training

Our ACL Certified Master Trainers can put together tailor-made training modules to prepare your team to adopt modern GRC.

ACL Analytics Basic Training

  • Import data from csv, excel, pdf and other file sources
  • Explore various analytic commands on your data visualization of analytic findings
  • Create simple dashboard to showcase analytic exceptions to top management

ACL Analytics Advanced Training

  • Import data from ODBC compatible data sources and cloud-based data sources (EX-Oracle EBS, Microsoft dynamics, Tally, salesforce, etc.,)
  • Run various analytic commands on your data and create script to automate control test
  • Create KPI, KCI and KRI and publish them to dashboard/storyboard
  • Remediate findings through custom workflow to automate follow-up
  • Notify stakeholders when exception occurs and exceeds threshold

Customized ACL Analytics Training

  • Integrate ACL analytics with your ERP system
  • Build master libraries using ACL analytics
  • Develop analytic scripts using real-time data
  • Report your findings using third party visualization tools such as power bi, tableau, etc.,


  • Setting up strategic risks and risk scoring
  • Annual audit planning and scheduling
  • Record your field work in one centralized location
  • Import risk controls directly to the project
  • Build audit templates based on industry standards and inherit audit projects from templates
  • Access, prioritize and respond to risk
  • Monitor and report risk
  • Link audit findings to strategic risk to provide assurance