Bizprout Labour Law Dashboard

Never Miss a Labour Law Compliance Deadline!

Keeping up with Labour Law Compliance can be quite a task, especially if you are operating out of more than one state in India.

Constant amendments to the law and various court rulings makes it almost impossible to track unless you have an army of Labour Compliance specialists keeping an eye on it.

Now Bizprout Labour Law Compliance Dashboard (LLC Dashboard) makes it super easy to keep track of upcoming compliances and be updated immediately on any amendments and clarifications.

Track your compliance status

Know your Organization Compliance Risk Matrix

Have a single point of control for your labour law compliance

Get notified of upcoming filings

Keep a scorecard of your filing status across branches

Maintain a digital copy of all your compliance records

Get Real-time alerts and status of notices and summons across your branches

Management gets a Birds-eye view of the organization-wide Labour Law Compliance

Get a branch-wise ranking of Labour Law Compliance

Easy to use

An intuitive User Interface ensures anyone from the
accounts/administration/HR team can use the Dashboard

Visually Rich Dashboard

The Dashboard is designed for “Inform at Sight”, using appropriate visual cues, graphics and colors so an executive can take stock without spending too much time.

Detail Drill Downs

Get comprehensive branch-wise drill downs of status, non-compliance alerts. The Dashboard reveals more details at every subsequent level.