Bizprout BI Tool


Keeping up with your sales performance can be quite a task, job fairs near me especially if you have a distributed sales force selling multiple product categories

Knowing which sectors are performing better and which customers get you 80% of your business is crucial

Now Bizprout’s BI Tool built on top of your ERP including Tally ERP makes it super easy to keep track of your sales performance across sectors, geographies and product categories

Get a 360-degree view of your Organization’s Performance

Get actual sales recorded in your ERP including Tally ERP

Track your receivables and Payment history

Keep a scorecard of various team performances

Comparison of sales across time periods

Comparison of sales among product segments, geographical sectors and teams

Get your data on the move anywhere and anytime via Microsoft PowerBI Mobile App

Easy to use

An intuitive User Interface ensures that the finance and accounts team generates the report with the click of a button

Visually Rich Dashboard

The BI Tool is designed for “Inform at Sight”, using appropriate visual cues, graphics and colors so an executive can take informed decision without spending too much time.

Detail Drill Downs

Get comprehensive wise drill downs of status of sales region-wise, product-wise and by order value